Please read all the materials and the following instructions carefully.

Note: Focus your paper on answering one of the prompts. Do not answer all of the prompts.


(a) Nash, Red White and Black, Ch. 11 “The Tricolored American Revolution”

(b) Morgan, Birth of the Republic, Ch. 1-5.

Paper Prompts:

1) Many Americans, like Edmund Morgan, emphasize the importance of the American Revolution for the overall progress of humankind towards equality and democracy. Does the significance of the American Revolution change when the perspective shifts to include the experiences of African Americans and Native Americans? Why or why not?

2) Nash calls the American Revolution, the “greatest slave rebellion in the long history of North American slavery”. Why does he say this? Do you agree?

3) What impact did the colonists’ victory in the American Revolution have on Native Americans?

4) What strategies for liberation and equality were available to African American leaders after the American Revolution? Compare and contrast Prince Hall, Jupiter Hammons, and Richard Allen.

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