The research paper is of your choice as long as it covers the period that is being cover in the course. The research paper will be 8-10 pages in length, double spaced, using 12 point font, on plain white paper (disregard the plain white paper if this is a on-line course requirement) submit as a Microsoft word attachment. This should be similar to any paper you would write for other classes – including a title page, an introduction, body of text, a conclusion, and references/bibliography. APA or MLA format is acceptable.

Proper Citation of Sources.

When writing papers which use information from researched sources, it is necessary to provide complete and correct documentation to show the source of all words and ideas which are not those of the student. Failure to cite a source implies that the information used is the original work of the paper writer – a form of stealing known as “plagiarism.” In the college class, plagiarism is grounds for failure, no matter how well written the rest of the paper may be.

Do not use first person or contractions when writing. Also, remember that a successful term paper is not one that is written at the last moment, rather it is one that has been thought out, written, edited, and edited some more (you may consider turning in a rough draft or talking with me prior to the due date if you are unsure about how to approach writing the paper). Make sure you proofread! Nothing detracts from a paper (or grade) worse than a poorly written, mistake-filled paper.

When writing this research paper, you should attempt to address the following questions:

Your paper should start with a thesis statement

Why is this person or event important in U.S. Military History?

Does this individual or event represent ( cause and effect) that had short and long term consequences U.S Military History?

Would U.S. Military History be different if not for the actions of this person or the occurrence of the events? (make sure you include a solid conclusion)

Students should not use the encyclopedia or the course text book as the primary source of research. You should not rely solely on the internet for information either. Below are topics you can choose from and do your own research.

Sun Tzu advised strategists to “know your enemy and know yourself.”

The Militia System

The Colonial Wars and struggles between empires

The American Revolution and the Early Republic

Conflict with Native-Americans

The Quasi War

The Barbary Coast / Tripolitan Wars

The War of 1812

Jomini and Clausewitz , and SunTzu ( Chinese Philosopher)

Founding of the Academics and the emerging officer professionalism

Indian Wars and Frontier expansion ( Native relocations)

The Mexican War ( Manifest Destiny)

The Civil War ( Military tactics , strategies, leadership , organization and total war )

Post war demobilization ( Reconstruction , constabulary duty, and labor unrest )

Birth of the modern military

The Spanish American War ( The Splendid Little War )

The Philippine Insurrection, Boxer Rebellion & U.S. Intervention into Mexico

The War to End all Wars (The First World War)

Revolution Military Affairs (RMA)

The American Expeditionary Force (AEF)

The Paris Peace Conference and the Treaty of Versailles

“To know war is not to advocate war”

The League of Nation

Russian Bolshevism ( Vladimir I.Lenin)

  1. S. Intervention into Russian Civil War

Demobilization, Diplomacy, and Disarmament

The Interwar Years and Military Policy between the Two Wars

Prelude to World War II ( The Policy of Appeasement)

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