Let’s begin our focused consideration of Missouri Government by looking around the Missouri State Capitol building. We will do this in four stages, all of which you will want to comment about in this discussions thread. Do make sure that you scroll down far enough to see, and accomplish, all four steps below.

1. First, pan around in this 360-degree photo (Links to an external site.) taken from the upper galleries in the building, and in this one taken from a lower vantage point (Links to an external site.). What messages does the building’s architecture seek to convey about Missouri and its state government? Give your take on all of this in the present discussions thread.

2. Now, let’s watch and analyze a short, throwback, old-school video from, it seems, the early 1990s on the origins of Missouri government. In fairness, while this video was obviously aimed at a middle-school-age audience, more or less, it actually does a serviceable job of explaining the historical basics. https://youtu.be/6CdG_G5igOE

3. Thirdly, watch this video and thoroughly summarize your comments here in the regular portion of this discussion thread. Why is Missouri’s current capitol building so ornate? What aspects of Missouri’s history does it convey?https://youtu.be/uYm6axT79Hc

4. Finally, let’s look more closely at Missouri artist Thomas Hart Benton’s famous mural in the building. Consider the video below, both commenting in the “two cents” utility as you watch it, and summarizing your analysis of it here. Why do you think Benton made such a brutally honest (at least in some respects) mural of Missouri history, and what likely value is there in Missouri lawmakers seeing these, in some cases unhappy, historical depictions regularly? What do you think of the video-maker’s theory that Benton included Christian iconography in the mural? NOTE: At 16 minutes and 26 seconds into the video there is a description of Benton’s later work that includes a brief showing of two artistic nudes that he painted. Feel free to stop your viewing of the video at 16 minutes to avoid seeing that later scene. In any case, we will not be discussing that portion of the video here. https://youtu.be/lu1eJuNCSKI

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