Respond to one or more aspects of the reading, the film, and the discussion. Of these, the reading is most important – refer to it specifically as often as possible.

Reading: Dixon & Foster

Discussion: Muybridge and series photography. Marey and chronophotography. Edison’s studio. Lumière and actualités. Méliès and fantasy. Guy-Blaché blazes a trail for women.

Film: 1. The Kiss – William Heise, USA, 1896
2. Serpentine Dances – William Heise, USA, 1895
3. Sandow (The Strong Man) – William K.L. Dickson and William
Heise, USA, 1896
4. Employees Leaving the Lumière Factory aka La Sortie des usines Lumière –Louis Lumière, France, 1895
5. Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat aka L’Arrivée d’un train á La Ciotat –Louis Lumière, France, 1896
6. Repas de bébé aka Baby’s Dinner – Louis Lumière, France, 1895
7. The Sprinkler Sprinkled aka L’Arroseur arosé – Louis Lumière, France,1895
8. A Trip to the Moon aka Le Voyage dans la lune – Georges Méliès,France, 1902 (13m)
9. The Race for the Sausage aka La Course à la saucisse – Alice Guy,France, 1907

The point of the journal is to show that you are engaging with each week’s subject matter, demonstrating knowledge of the pertinent film material and topics considered in class discussions and reading assignments. You are welcome and encouraged to include material suggested by reading and film viewing outside class, but such material must be relevant to this course.

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