A. How did social and cultural factors (such as religious beliefs and racial differences) shape both the formation of colonies during the Age of Imperialism and the movements for Independence from Europeans in the Twentieth Century?  Be sure to use examples from several different areas of the world.

B. History is often a study of conflicts.  Analyze the economic reasons behind any three of the following conflicts we have studied: the Boxer Rebellion, the Russian Revolution, Kristallnacht, the Bombing of Pearl Harbor, the Berlin Blockade, or Ho Chi Minh’s rise to power in Viet Nam.

C. Technology has become an increasingly important force impacting human history throughout the 19th and 20th centuries.  Discuss three events we have studied this semester in which technology was an important factor.  Be sure to select events from three different units.  Based on the events you discussed, evaluate whether technology has been used to create more benefit or harm in society. 

D. The spirit and ideas of Nationalism have inspired great changes since the time of Napoleon.  Has Nationalism had a more positive or negative effect on the course of World History in the past two hundred years?  Use at least three clear examples to defend your answer.

E. Students often ask why we need to study history.  One answer to that question is the famous saying that “those who do not learn from the past are destined to repeat it.”  Discuss three events from different units we studied this semester.  What lesson should we learn from each situation?  Are we putting these lessons into practice or repeating the same mistakes

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