Speech 2 – Informative TOPIC SELECTION ● Research the topic you selected. Your focus should be on INFORMING the class about the topic and its causes. ● The speech should present a balanced (i.e., unbiased) presentation of the topic. DELIVERY ● 4-5 minute informative speech ● Speaking notes should be in minimal outline format (to be discussed in class). ● Do NOT read your speech. ● You will be graded on several areas including, but not limited to, eye contact, vocal delivery, and time management. CONTENT ● You will include the five-part introduction, 2 body points, and 3-point conclusion as demonstrated on the attached outline. ● Your two main points will be: 1) Define the issue occurs ● For full credit, you must include a minimum of 3 CREDIBLE sources. (If you don’t know if a source is credible, ask!) ● ****Only 1 of the sources can be internet sources (ie websites, blogs ect)**** ● The sources must be orally stated during your speech, noted on the outline, and referenced on the reference page. ● Do not use direct quotes in body of speech. (Direct quotes are ok for intro and conclusion). Instead use paraphrase and citation. ● Refer to the rubric in D2L for specific areas upon which you will be graded. ● Outline (in correct format, to be discussed in lecture) must be submitted to Assignment Dropbox. ● Attach an APA style reference sheet to outline 2) Tell why the issue Speech Outline Template (**ONE COMPLETE SENTENCE PER POINT**) Name: I. Introduction A. Attention Getter B. Reveal Topic C. Credibility Statement D. Audience Relevance E. Thesis 1. Point 1 2. Point 2 II. Body A. Point 1: Item 1 1. Subpoint (Citation, year) 2. Subpoint (Transition statement to next point) B. Point 2: Item 2 1. Subpoint (Citation, year) 2. Subpoint (Transition statement to next point) III. Conclusion A. Review Main Points 1. Point 1 2. Point 2 B. Audience Impact C. Closing Remarks

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