help me finish a discussion board post , u need check the reading materials and video i provided first , and write ur thoughts according them , 150 words

after u finish this thoughts , i will provide my classmate’ a thoughts, u need reply her thoughts , 150 words

totally 300 words… all materials in this link5 attachmentsSlide 1 of 5

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Case assignment Attached Files: case marking criteria updated.pdf (233.714 KB) Case study task description.pdf (171.608 KB) The case is about Nike. You will find that the Nike case presents two potential goals: (a) grow revenue to 50bln, and (b) grow women’s segment to 12bln by 2021. Select one of those goals to conduct your analyses. More detailed discussion on the assignment and marking rubric is attached. Both the assignment description and marking rubric will offer helpful suggestions on how to improve the quality of your assignment. I encourage you read those carefully and after you have finished a draft of your assignment, read them again to ensure your assignment reflects what is needed. Deadline: Thursday, September 9@11.59pm Good luck! Tasks: Discuss: • What is meant by ‘market failure’ and why is it relevant to housing and

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