In looking for a good organization to analyze, you might consider younger brands (ie. Starbucks). They tend to use story more. Conversely, organizations with a long and proud tradition also do.

-remember that your analysis doesn’t have to be on a business per se; it can be on any organization

-keywords searches could include: letter to employees, from the president, annual meeting speech,

-are there any companies for whom the story is implied in the brand? (ie. Quebec: je me souviens/ GE: Imagination at Work)

-Changing the brand often involves new stories.

-note how an organization coins new terms to tell new stories (and, in effect establish new meaning). For example Chevron coined “’the human energy’ equation” as they believed that was differentiated them from other energy companies was ‘people’.

-Chevron would then use commercials that supported this narrative (an ecologist talking about his work w ith Chevron). Can you find examples of other companies that have done this? (ie: Ontario: yours to discover).

-Remember: we are not just talking about businesses; we are talking about how any organization tells its story.

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