These are the goals for this assignment:

  1. Strengthen your information literacy through research
  2. Heighten awareness of subjects relevant in contemporary organizations. 
  3. Increase critical thinking skills through the process of selecting relevant sources and comparing and contrasting their major points.
  4.  Refine your presentation skills.

You will select a topic related to the course from the list provided or by approval and explore current research about it. The subject list is supplied by the professor and will be posted on Blackboard (BB). Once you have selected a subject, post it in the designated section of Blackboard.  Once a topic has been posted, no one else may select it.

Your analysis should be supported by relevant theories and research findings from assigned course readings as well as from a minimum of three scholarly references (articles in peer-reviewed journals) and three business periodicals that are external to our class syllabus. Such research should reflect that you have become a subject matter expert on the course topic. For information on how to locate peer-reviewed articles in the library, see

Examples of scholarly references include individual articles found academic journals such as Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, Journal of Organizational Behavior

Business periodicals include Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Financial Times.

You may then use any other valid sources such as TED talks, news videos of interviews, information from organizational websites as long as they are reputable. Avoid opinions, advertisements, and blogs which cannot necessarily be validated.

Your references should be each identified with an APA (MLA ok) style citation.  APA format is double-spaced, uses Times New Roman size 12 font and with 1” margins.  Papers which are not referenced, poorly written, and with misspellings and grammatical errors will receive no credit.

Be sure to provide proper attribution of the source of information for your project, including interviews. Both in-text citations, and a full list of properly formatted references are required.  The best example of how to reference sources appears in the style guide used by the American Psychological Association (APA). You can get this information from the Old Westbury library website. 

Papers are graded based upon style, content, and references.

Style:  Is the paper well-structured?  Are grammar and spelling correct?  Are references cited correctly in the text and at the end?  Is the paper easy to read?  I strongly recommend that you write your paper a few days early and let it sit so that you can review it with a fresh eye.  It is also a good idea to get input from a friend or from a tutor at the Writer’s Center.

Content and references:  Do you cover the most important points of the issue?  Do you have up-to-date information?  Were you able to locate the most important sources of information for your topic?  Please see me well before the deadline if you are having trouble locating sources.

Possible Topics

(Feel free to create your own topic, but check with me first)

Overcoming implicit bias at work

Diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace

Developing emotional intelligence

Managing neurodiversity in the workplace

Perceptions and making better decisions (avoiding decision traps)

Matching personality with job characteristics

How do you motivate employees?

Redesigning jobs to increase motivation

How to build and support a team culture working remotely

Communication in remote or telecommuting settings

Can you learn leadership?

Compare effective and ineffective leadership (in general or a particular industry or company where there have been leadership changes sufficient for study).

Politics at work – how to play and win or lose.

Finding a career

Working with difficult coworkers

How can you develop effective negotiation skills?

How to develop a strong organizational culture

Toxic or supportive cultures in the workplace.

Managing mental health at work

How do organizations effectively or ineffectively handle change?

Anything on course topics related to the impact of Covid-19 .

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