The story is composed of mostly two characters, who support themselves through companionship as they enjoy life. Hemingway portrays the American as a man who enjoys the company of Jig having drinks with him and spending nights from the hotel to another (478). The two characters bury themselves in each other’s dreamy world of owning everything and traveling the world sharing memories (Hemingway 477). More the two support each other through the emotional situation as at the end of the relationship Jig gets pregnant. Hemingway defines the lost generation as individuals who take pleasure in spending money by enjoying, life through drinking and partying (478). The illumination of the American by Hemingway offers a clear glimpse a lost generation. It is characterized by his constant desire for life in the ‘fast lane’ around beautiful women, labels, and hotels as his places of entertainment (478). Therefore, the author traversing of the American and Jig are about people who embrace each other’s company.  

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