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Overview and Rationale

As you complete this course and begin your program it is important to have a clear idea of the industry you want to work in and the role you want to prepare for. You have already done some initial research on a role within data analytics. In this assignment, you will research an industry to learn how big data analytics has changed the industry and what place you would like to play, as a data scientist, in the industry.

Module Objectives

This assignment is directly linked to the following key learning objectives from this module:

Investigate impacts of data analytics on industry

Describe the evolution of data analytics

Create data visualizations to highlight data from research.

Assignment Instructions

In this assignment, you will research and write about the impact Big Data analytics has had on a specific industry.

Begin by selecting one of the industries discussed in this course (i.e., medical, energy, insurance, criminal justice, transportation, etc.) or an industry have an interest in. You are to research the scale, effects, impacts, and disruptions that Big Data analytics have had on the industry.

Write a paper incorporates the concepts presented in this course by

discussing how a specific industry has been effected by big data analytics

discussing how the role you are interested in playing is placed within the industry

providing visualizations of the main points you are making

Begin by presenting your findings about this industry and answer the following questions:

How has data analytics evolved specifically in the industry?

Are there any ways in which big data has disrupted the industry?

How do you see analytics changing the industry in the future?

Then provide insights into data analytics within the industry by answering the following questions:

What are the organizational roles associated with data analytics? Are there any that are unique to the industry?

What is the current demand for data analytics talent in the industry?

Finally, if you are interested in working within the industry, discuss:

What makes it your ideal career? What specific role would you like to play? Is there a position you aspire to? Why?

If this is not an industry you wish to work, explain why. Include a discussion of why the available roles do not interest


Be sure to incorporate compelling and supporting visualizations throughout your paper.

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