ITRC has recently released guidance on cyanobacteria blooms that will be useful as we develop the watershed plans. Rather than having everyone review all of the material, I am asking each of you to review and summarize one section from the report: Look up your assigned section below, then write a 1-page summary of the information, focusing on areas that you think are relevant to Pine River Pond and useful for your classmates to know.

ITRC Page: to an external site.

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• Stormwater runoff can be a significant source of nutrients for water bodies. As the runoff flows over impervious surfaces, the water collects any materials or chemicals in its path. This can result in the water having a high concentration of nitrogen and phosphorus. o Nonstructural strategies to control the number of nutrients in stormwater include policy and best management practices. Education and training programs to raise awareness about the risk stormwater poses to local waterbodies and what people can do to reduce this risk can reduce the amount of pollution being carried in the runoff. o Structural strategies reduce the risk posed by runoff by diverting the polluted runoff away from surface water bodies. By doing this, the runoff spends more time seeping into the ground. The soil acts as a natural filter for the

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