Once a while in college, you will be required to write a critical analysis essay.  As the name suggests, critical analysis involves reading the work of an author, analyzing it, and evaluating it. Students are often asked to write critical analysis papers on works of art, film, or literature. Professors usually ask students to write critical analysis papers since it improves their critical thinking prowess.

How to Begin a Critical Essay Paper

More often than not, students google “How Do I Start my Critical Essay Paper?”. This rather important question does not have a specific answer since different people have a different way of starting off. However, the standard way of writing such a paper is to read the work of the author and identify the thesis statement i.e. the central claim.  After you have identified the thesis statement, you should jolt down some notes about the main ideas which the author discusses. These ideas will usually support the thesis statement developed by the author.  Once you have the thesis statement and the major points, you should now go ahead and evaluate/critique the work of the author. You should use words like “I agree with the author when he supposes xxxx”, “The author would have strengthened his argument if she did xxxx”, et al.  Finally, you should write a conclusion where you summarize your main ideas and findings.

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