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HIGHER EDUCATION PROGRAMMES Academic Year 2021: January – June Formative Assessment 1: Business Research Methods (HPRM440-1) NQF Level, Credits: 8, 16 Weighting: 20% Assessment Type: Essay-type Questions Educator: Dr L Geldenhuys Examiner: Dr L Geldenhuys Due Date: 26 March 2021 Total: 100 Marks Instructions: • This paper consists of four (4) questions. • It is based on Units 1 – 4 of your course material. • All questions are compulsory. • Your assessment must be typed using: o Font: Arial o Font size: 12 o Line spacing: 1.5 • 1 A Unicheck-verification report will be issued via ColCampus once the assignment is submitted. Please ensure that you follow the correct steps when uploading your assignment, to ensure that the verification report is correctly issued. If the incorrect document is uploaded, or if the verification report is issued for

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