Paper instructions:

instructions attached please only do phase 2

Research Project Phase2 : Medical Malpractice and Negligence

Topic-Should the duty of physicians and other prescribers to warn patients of the side effects of their medications to be expanded to include non-patients as injured third parties?

I have posted phase 1 essay so you know what my essay is about i also posted phase 2 it as a word doc for it to look better under the title hsa4553 Healthcare Ethical Issue Research Project instructions.pdf

Phase Two:  Introduction and Background

I.    Introduction
▪    Introduce the ethical issue and the position that you intend to defend o Explain why the topic is important or why readers should care about the issue especially in the health care environment
▪    Thesis statement o The thesis statement is the central position you will be arguing in this research paper. The thesis statement should be clear, concise, and defined.
o    In your thesis statement, you should take a specific stand on the selected ethical issue. For example, you may construct your thesis as follows: “The use of euthanasia is an immoral choice even when the patient is in constant, extreme pain”, or “It is immoral for patients to choose euthanasia even when suffering constant, extreme pain.”
o    Explain how your argument will be structured along which you will be arguing in support of your thesis statement

II.    Background
    The purpose of the background is to lay the foundation for proving your argument.  The background will include the following:
•    Summary of works being discussed
•    Definition of key terms-define key terms/concepts 
•    Explanation of universal values and principles in ethical decision making-briefly describe the key universal values and principles that support the ethical issue

Length & APA Requirement: 3 to 4 pages (can exceed the minimum length requirement). Utilize at minimum four appropriate references (i.e. scholarly resources, newspapers, books, PBSC library databases, Google Scholar, etc.) and in-text citations-APA style. 

Grading Rubric:

Criteria     Points

Introduction- 30pts
•    Topic Importance
•    Thesis statement 

Background- 30pts
•    Summary of works 
•    Key terms
•    Key

APA Format     20pts
References     10pts
Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling     10pts

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