Write an APA formatted paper of no less than 1500 words discussing the importance of building positive self-esteem in adolescence and how both positive/negative self-esteem effects behavior.


After completing Chapter 12, students should be able to answer the following questions:

What happens during Erikson’s identity versus role confusion stage?
How does Marcia explain identity development?
In what ways does self-understanding in adolescence differ from that in childhood?
How does self-esteem change across the teenage years?
What are the gender role concepts of adolescents?
How do minority, biracial, and immigrant teens develop a sense of ethnic identity?
What are the features of moral reasoning at each of Kohlberg’s stages?
What are some important causes and effects in the development of moral reasoning?
How has Kohlberg’s theory been ?
What are the moral reasoning abilities and other characteristics of delinquents?
What are the features of adolescents’ relationships with their parents?
What are the characteristics of adolescents’ friendships?
How do peer groups change over the teen years?
How does interest in romantic relationships emerge among heterosexual and homosexual teens?

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