Consider a large hospital that uses a centralized human resources information system to make employee-specific information available to the hospital staff. This is not a system related to patient care.
Following the Four Steps for Writing Policy Documents in your Lesson Content for this week, write a policy document that could be used to dictate the acceptable use policy for a Human Resources Information System.  This is not a system related to patient care.
 In order to earn full credit, this policy document should meet the following criteria:

The Four Steps for Writing a Policy Document are followed.
A clear description of a Human Resources Information System (HRIS) is included.
Statements defining how different types of employees (managers, regular staff, HR staff) will use the HRIS system are written using clear, unambiguous language.
Security measures that will be put into place to protect the employee data that is contained in the HRIS.
Appropriate consequences are described if staff are to be found noncompliant.

Your policy should include the following criteria:

Used policy and procedure format.
Free of spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. 
Written with original, not copied content. 

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