If you ever have visited Europe or do so in the future, you will not have to look far to find ways in which the legacy of the Roman Empire persists with us today. There is little question that, when placed within the scope of the world’s greatest empires, Rome stands as one of history’s preeminent states, lasting well over four years. Our question this week is not one that debates the greatness of Rome, however, but how it became great. While the Romans were masterful at incorporating other cultures within itself and improving on the ideas of others, one of the criticisms leveled against the Romans were that they were much better borrowers of culture than innovators of culture. With that said, we are going to test this topic this week in our Packback post. In framing your argument you must first state whether you are going to agree or disagree with the prompt. Next, you need to choose from any TWO of the following categories and present TWO examples that support your case in TWO different paragraphs: Art Architecture Gender Dynamics Literature and Myth Religion Politics Summarize a thesis statement for the title Bold key terms in each paragraph Add images Include the web address link for the sources

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