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The team first used AutoCad to develop a design for this project. Once everyone was satisfied with a design that met the requirements given, the group went to the makerspace to laser cut the design. The AutoCAD creation was converted to a pdf file and laser cutting began. Once the design was cut, the prototypes were placed into the placeholder chosen by the team. The team chose to use the square base with the pillars alternating directions to hold the given weight. Figure 1 shows the base and the design the team chose. The 3×3 design was the best for holding the most weight possible because the pillars were not to close nor were they too far apart.

Figure 1: pillar design on base

The final score was calculated by dividing load weight times the square feet by support weight. Team 3 was able to hold the most weight through a cross hatch formation. Turning each leg perpendicular to each other reduced the shaking and gave a sturdy foreground for the roof. The legs were equidistant from the epicenter allowing strong support throughout the structure This sturdy base proved that it is able to sustain a copious amount of weight above. The legs were also able to wiggle in case of a shift in weight mimicking an earthquake.

Table 1: Team results of supported weight and design

TeamSupport Weight(g)Load weight (g)Square feetNumber of supportsScore
Team 112.26,000100549180.32787
Team 29.55,80060336631.57895
Team 31211,30080475333.33333


The teams results were successful with the maximum weight totaling to 11,300 grams against the opposing teams. One thing that could have been done differently is not underestimating the structure because it could have carried more weight. Another beam could have been created and placed in the middle of the structure. The team would have also liked to be more prepared in the process by having better awareness of the instructions, rather than moving ahead without verifying or confirming the steps. Teamwork and communication was essential when designing the structure, calculating the weight and building the structure. In addition to the weight test we believe that a wind test would be a good next step, seeing how Puerto Rico is also known for the earthquakes and monsoons.

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