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ASSESSMENT BRIEF 2020-2021 Programme: B.Sc. (Hons) Health, Safety and Environmental Management Module Code/Module Title: FZ3605 Carbon and Energy Management Module Tutor: Dr. Riyad Mahfud Assessment Title/ Number: CW-1 Date of Issue: 18/02/2021 Date of Submission: 28/03/2021 (Tick in the appropriate box) You are encouraged to word process your assessment, although hand written work is acceptable. You are required to word process this assessment. You are required to submit this assessment electronically through WebCT ✓ ✓ Instructions: • • • This paper contains One task Complete the tasks fully with all possible evidence for achieving the learning outcome/s. This assessment is worth 60% of the module mark. Please do not submit this assessment brief with your work. Page | 1 Preview Task: In this individual assignment, each student is required to prepare a report regarding carbon emissions from homes, and investigate the ways in which human activities affect the

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