It is of paramount importance that you identify an overall organizing structure in the literature using a theoretical/conceptual framework. Typically, DBA students focus more on defining concepts/constructs and explaining the relationships among the concepts/constructs, and PhD students focus more on identifying and explaining related theories. However, in both degrees, links to foundational theories is critical and provides the scaffolding and research world-view a study is built upon. As previously mentioned, it is important to be able to relate the issues discussed within the review to theory or other frameworks that already exist in the field. This will allow you to show how your study will contribute to practice and/or theory. For this assignment, you will identify how your literature review fits within a conceptual framework(s) or theoretical framework(s) within your specialization.

As you have been collecting and reading your scholarly sources thus far, you should have been noting the conceptual or theoretical frameworks used by the authors. This was part of digesting the information within a scholarly source that you worked on in Weeks 2 and 3. In addition, you have been working to form themes in developing your outline in Week 4 and noting what frameworks were used within each theme/(sub)topic. In Weeks 5 and 6, you summarized, critically analyzed, and synthesized the literature you collected thus far. All the while, you also continued to collect additional scholarly sources, write, receive feedback on your writing, incorporate that feedback, and continue on. In other words, you have been partaking in the iterative process of writing a literature review. This assignment is geared toward further honing your literature review by helping you determine the conceptual or theoretical framework that you will use to couch your paper.

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