Compose a 1000 words essay on (1) immigration opinions( Analysis paper) and (2) Dorothy’s diary. Needs to be plagiarism free!The poems and pictures however scorn the immigrants indirectly where they are portrayed as filthy and strange and talk in “accents of menace.” This presents a contradiction between the foreigners’ attitudes and behavior. In the text by Josiah, the immigrants are defined in terms of their benefits to the foreigners which contrast with the poem and the photos but it however leads to the same conclusion of how unwelcome they are in the foreign land despite the political advantages they might bring to the foreign country.Josiah Strong in his essay talks about the immigrants having only two influences to the foreigners: moral and political influences. In the moral influences, immigrants are described as individuals who have no moral or religious training or have only little of the training and hence cannot compare to the foreigners. The “strange speech” of the immigrants and their beliefs are viewed as demoralizing and the change from the native to the foreign country makes them have temptations of the foreigners hence demoralizing them even further. They are seen to be the majority perpetrators of crime in their foreign land an indication of their lack of morals.The political aspect is different and it is the immigrants who influence the foreigners. The foreigners seeking political power use the immigrants to gather the votes by getting them in the churches or using their socialist ideologies in their campaigns. Majority of the immigrants join the Catholic Church and the Mormon Church and that is where the politicians target to get their votes and make promises to the poor, naïve and hopeful immigrants. The immigrants in the end are however seen to pollute the civilization and ways of life of the foreigners through their influx in the cities. They are in the end therefore a threat and not so much of a blessing.In the picture “The Modern Moses,” immigrants are seen crossing the ocean to

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