Paper instructions

Impact of Gender Differences in Industry Composition on the Unemployment Gap Essay

Request: The attached powerpoint is a presentation of 4 different articles discussing the concept of the impact of gender differences in industry composition on the unemployment gap during a recession. The purpose is to retrieve the information in this powerpoint and write a research paper based on it ( in other words, you need to create a research paper BASED on this powerpoint WITHOUT plagiarizing). The majority of the info needs to be taken from the presentation and be featured in a word document.

In addition, you need to find one more article regarding this economic issue and compare it with the four articles. As with the articles presented in the powerpoint, you need to feature the strengths and weaknesses of this new article, the data containing, the method of gathering and the key results.It is very important to not copy-paste from the powerpoint as that will show up as plagiarized. Instead you need to write the research paper in your own words.undefined

The final work must be 5 Pages, APA Format, Double Spaced, Times New Roman, size 12.attachment_1

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