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Writing Assignment:

To further demonstrate your understanding of economic systems and related key ideas, you will respond in writing to the three prompts below. Note: Any of your previous writing about economic systems should be edited and revised for this assignment.

Your responses should be in your own words, in complete sentences, use academic language and clearly explain your ideas citing your credible source and evidence when appropriate.

  • Sources to Cite: What is Socialism? Video, Good Capitalism versus Bad Capitalism reading, any of the four government economic policy news articles I posted on GC a
  • Number of words: Your final response should be between 250 to 350 words in total.

Prompts (respond to each):

1. List 3 specific key about different government economic policies and/or citing evidence from additional credible sources of your own ideas that shaped your understanding of economic systems by citing the What is Socialism? video and/or Good Capitalism versus Bad Capitalism reading only.

2. Explain 2 pieces of evidence that supports one or more important ideas by citing your own research and/or one of the four news articles I posted.3. Describe 1 controversial idea that you disagree with and why you disagree by citing any credible source(s).

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