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DISCUSSION BOARD#1 (Values & Ethical Choices) Integrity can be described as a congruence (match) between what we think, say and do in our personal lives and our professional lives. It is indicative of honesty, moral strength, and courage. The concept of “core values” can be described as those values that guide our behaviors and serve as a vision for our life. As noted in this week’s course material: “When you are able to identify your core values, you have a clear picture of the kind of person you want to be and the kind of life you want to have”. This week’s topic challenges us to gain greater clarity and awareness of our personal values and how they align with our career and life choices. For this week’s discussion board, please review the 10 Core Values of Zappos Company Culture (Week 5: Required Resources) and pick two of the Zappos core values that resonate with your own personal values. Discuss why you picked those two and how they could play out in the workplace. https://hbr.org/2010/05/how-zappos-infuses-culture-using-corevalues Next, provide two examples of how your selected core values can support ethical behavior in the workplace. *PLEASE NOTE I AM IN THE HEALTHCARE FIELD WORKING WITH WORKING TOGETHER WITH PATIENTS Student #1 Jessica Perez Both a growth mindset and the idea of learning zone is to help you become the best version of you. Both things rely on practicing and learning new things. Growth mindset is believing that through dedication and hard work anything can be achieved. In the learning zone you are continuously working on the things that will make your performance zone better. Whether it be learning a new skill or becoming a better public speaker you are always practicing and wanting to grow in order to do your absolute best in certain areas where you need improving. Some strategies I might use to help develop a growth mindset in find inspiration in other’s success. For example one of my very good friends and god mother to my son is also on her college journey. She was one of the major motivations for me to get back into school. She like myself is a mother to 3 children and has been further her education for some time now. She received an associate’s from a community college and is currently in a very good university now and is almost done with her Bachelor’s degree. My point in this is to say never give up always keep pushing to be the best you, you can be. Student #2 Emily Pastor These ideas correlate in the fact that with a growth mindset, you are more likely to be comfortable with the learning zone. However, both require work and practices. To achieve wither of these ideas, one has to change their mind. They have to put more practice and security. Back when I went to school, I was very much in the “performance zone.” I read what I had to read, did may homework with what I learned, and basically followed all directions regarding my work. Nothing more, nothing less. Now, I am more interested in what I’m learning. I’m applying what I learn in my conversations. I can reflect and think about what I learn and see it in my life. In some classes, I search for more research regrading the material I am learning. Now, I am more in a “learning zone.” One strategy that I am already working on is deliberate practice. This class has taught me a lot about managing, stress relieving and overall moral. Everything I learned has popped in my other classes and outside of school as well. I am practicing what I learn to improve my school, being my performance zone. Another strategy is reflecting. Before, I never realized when things I was learning would come up in natural conversation. Now that my work is teaching me to apply it to other aspects, mostly school, I tend to reflect back on it more. And because of this, I am seeing how it can improve my overall life. Student #3 Felix Torres For me I feel that the video for this week was more relevant to my life. In the video she talks about how gaming can help make people happier and also in a way extend life expectancy. I’ve never experienced traumatic brain trauma but I can understand what she talked about how it can satisfy one true desires and how it can help you be happier. The idea of taking time for family and not working as much is a amazing thing to incorporate into your life. I feel like my best memories were playing monopoly with my family and I always felt that that has brought closer. This is something that I would love to do with my kids and family in the future to keep us together and help us spend time together. Even though I’m not a big gamer I feel that having something to take your stress away and help with any mental boundaries that you have is a amazing thing. Another idea that I take from the video is to be able to not let your let other people run your life and do what makes you happy. All my life I always want to be someone that everyone wants me to be or act how they think I should act but the more that I realize that I have to live my life for my happiness the happier I become. I agree with Krista Tippets definition of hope 100%. She makes a good point that hope is not you wishing for something to happen but it’s as a tool to use to move through the hardships of life. We all live a very complicated and stressful life it could be from expectation, money, education, family or even health but to have hope is like having a light at the end of the tunnel. She explains it perfectly when she says ” It lives open eyed and wholeheartedly with the darkness that is woven ineluctably into the light of life and sometimes seems to overcome it”. I always have felt that hope is not something you wish for but something that gives you power and strength to go through the hardships of life. Student #4 Kara Young While reading the pages, I thought about how the seven concepts apply to me. I would have to say that I am better with mindfulness, hope, and spirituality than with the four other things. My resilience and gratitude are not that bad, but I would like it to be better. My grit needs significant improvement, and honestly, I do not feel like I have time to savor things. The video was semi-relevant to my life because I am also a gamer. I did not realize people were studying the benefits of gaming, but I can say from my experience that it does help me unwind. When I used to play online a lot in high school, I made some good friends and even kept one I still talk to now. I think Tippett’s definition of hope is very intricate and makes good points. It is hard for me to put into words what hope is; reading her thoughts on hope, I agree with the quote completely. I especially like the last sentence. She put what I thought about hope into the perfect combination of words.

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