Basically, the idea that the United States is an equal opportunity country has entrenched even at workplaces. With statutory anti-discriminatory laws, employers are submerged in a situation whereby recruitment is bound to adhere to specific equality tenets. The phenomenon brings out the concept of protection especially for the disadvantaged. The factor brings out the question; why can’t the government just offer employers the autonomy of recruiting without any due interference?

In my opinion, I hold the belief that exceptional employment geared towards benefitting specific protected classes is increasingly becoming a modern-day obstacle to the ability of institutions to take off. I am convicted that even as we grapple to attain an almost equal society, the reality is that such a scenario is unrealizable. Looking around, every society is composed of multitudes of people who can be described as vulnerable, requiring preferential treatment (Levit, 2012). For instance, we have large margins of individuals, who are physically challenged, racially different, and many more described as being of the weak gender, among a constellation of others. While it is necessary to have such minority groups employed, the government’s interference of the recruitment processes of many employers has propagated the selection of less capable individuals from the protected class while, leaving out potentially able prospective employees. Furthermore, the employment of the disadvantaged usually attaches a cost to organizations, which federal and statutory laws ignore. For example, according to Kaye et al (2011), it is possible that many disabled people require special attention and handling and may not perform like their non-disabled counterparts. Such factors have a negative impact on the general productivity of an entity. I am fully convinced that people who are employed on basis of merit are able to perform better than those whose employment occurred just because it is a legal obligation. Based on these reasons, I tend to think that for institutional prowess, employers should be availed a room whereby employment of the protected class is a choice rather than a provision in the law.

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