Sexuality as a Social Construct

Any topic that touches on sexuality tends to be considered as sensitive and therefore, people often downgrade the topic or discuss it on careful grounds so as to not offend those present. The nature of sexuality in the contemporary world has thus become sensitive with the various sexual orientations that continue to emerge in the modern society. Therefore, the topic of this study will be based on the perception that sexuality is a social construct. This is based on the fact that, in the modern society, the perspectives on sexuality have moved from a biological view point to be considered on grounds of logic and beliefs. Therefore, the research question will be; Is Sexuality a Social Construct?

The data collection methodology that will be employed in this study will involve interviews to get the direct perspective of the selected people on what they considered sexuality to be and how it comes about. Three interviews will be carried out involving one gentleman, a lady and an individual from the LGBTQ community. This is to ensure that the majority of population sexualities are represented. The interviews will last 45 minutes each. The analysis of the data collected will involve comparing the information obtained and drawing similarities and differences on the answers given on whether or not sexuality was a social construct.

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