Question Description

Conduct an independent samples t-test (a.k.a., between-subjects design) comparing two independent groups on any variable of your choice.

Each sample should have at least n=10 individuals (thus, 20 people in the study total, at minimum)

What to turn in:

  1. State your research question (e.g., Is there a difference in coffee consumption between males and females?).
  2. State the null and alternative hypotheses, and then conduct the hypothesis test using an alpha level of .05.
  3. Calculate and interpret a measure of effect size (estimated Cohen’s d or r2).
  4. Calculate a 95% confidence interval.
  5. Write a conclusion statement, as would appear in a published research report.
  6. Critical analysis: Write a short paragraph (2-3 sentences) explaining why your research question is important and where your findings could be applied. This is very open ended. For example, if one were studying coffee consumption differences between males and females, they could discuss the importance of this information for Starbucks marketing purposes.

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