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Nyampundu et al. BMC Public Health (2020) 20:1075 https://doi.org/10.1186/s12889-020-08670-0 RESEARCH A RT CLE Open Access Sustainable solid waste management Measures in Tanzania: an exploratory descriptive case study among vendors at Majengo market in Dodoma City 1 1 Kepha Nyampundu , William J. S. Mwegoha and Walter C. Millanzi 2* Abstract Background: Solid waste management is both an urban and rural problem because every person is considered a producer of wastes. It has been noted to be a global universal issue, which affects every individual, families, communities and governments and thus, needs to be addressed through sustainable strategies. This study aimed at characterizing solid wastes; assessing the levels of awareness of vendors on the sustainable solid waste management measures; and identifying techniques used to handle solid

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