You have been hired as a medical assistant at an infertility clinic. One day a couple comes to a consultation appointment to discuss their inability to conceive. They desperately want children but are concerned about the “level” of medical intervention that may be necessary. Rather than just accepting a standard treatment plan, they insist that the underlying cause for their infertility needs to be determined. They do not care about associated costs or time; they absolutely insist upon knowing why they have this problem before deciding how to treat it.

The doctor you assist tasks you with developing a list of possible causes, focused on endocrine as well as reproductive system issues. You need to consider both the male and female system. In addition to outlining the possible underlying cause, you need to suggest a test for each factor you identify. You should complete a table as shown below, identifying at least 3 causes from the endocrine system and 3 from the reproductive system for each sexes.

SystemOrgan/TissueFunctionImpact on ConceptionTest