• Infection

• Tissue Integrity

• Clinical Judgment

• Patient Education

• Communication

NCLEX Client Need Categories Percentage of Items from Each


Covered in

Case Study

Safe and Effective Care Environment

✓ Management of Care 17-23% ✓

✓ Safety and Infection Control 9-15%

Health Promotion and Maintenance 6-12% ✓

Psychosocial Integrity 6-12% ✓

Physiological Integrity

✓ Basic Care and Comfort 6-12% ✓

✓ Pharmacological and Parenteral Therapies 12-18% ✓

✓ Reduction of Risk Potential 9-15% ✓

✓ Physiological Adaptation 11-17% ✓

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History of Present Problem: Jack Holmes a 72-year-old Caucasian male brought to the ED by ambulance from a skilled nursing facility (SNF).

According to report from the paramedic, when the SNF nursing staff attempted to wake him this morning, he would not

respond, and his BP was 74/40 with a MAP of 51. He has a history of Parkinson’s disease, COPD, CHF, HTN,

depression, and a stage IV decubitus ulcer on his coccyx that developed three months ago. He does not follow

commands, is unresponsive to verbal stimuli, but responds to a sternal rub with grimacing and withdrawing from


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