1. According to Powell, which of the following point toward belief in a transcendent, personal, intelligent designer?
  2. The Big Bang cannot explain where matter originated.
  3. _______ is analogy used by the textbook to describe the Trinity.
  4. To demonstrate the Design Argument, Powell uses the analogy of a:
  5. The main point of the cosmological argument for the existence of God is to show that the universe was caused by some agent that was neither part of the universe nor itself was caused.
  6. Indecision, not making a decision, is actually a decision in itself.
  7. The word “cosmos” is a Greek word that refers to:
  8. “Mom, may I have a smart phone?”  All of my friends have one” is an example of:
  9. We should apply critical thinking to communications and information that we receive from:
  10. Christianity, Judaism, and Islam all describe an intelligent designer.
  11. Presenting another person’s argument in a weak, misrepresented, or exaggerated form in order to win the argument is what type of fallacy?
  12. The two primary ways evidence is gathered: data gained from an external source and ________.
  13. Accepting the opinions of others as one’s own opinion without applying critical thinking skills to that opinion is what type of decision-making?
  14. The members of the Trinity do not all have the same eternal qualities.
  15. The Anthropic Principle makes an argument based on order in the universe that was designed to accommodate life.
  16. Evidence is:
  17. “You can’t trust my opponent.  Here she is speaking to you on the values of abstinence and abstinence education. Everyone knows she had a child out of wedlock while a teenager herself” is an example of:

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