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User online catalog to locate journal articles that pertains to your research, thesis, or area of interest. The articles you chose should have performed some statistical analysis of gathered data and made an inference using something other than just the average (mean). That is, they can’t just talk about averages; they must have used one of these tests: t-test, chi-square, F-test, Fischer test, ANOVA, MANOVA, ANCOVA, Mann-Whitney, correlation, regression. Read the article thoroughly and write the minimum 750 words of summary


The question/problem being researched by the author.

The experiment that will answer the question.

How they collected data.

Analysis of the data (Must identify the statistical test used).

Their conclusion or findings.


Need minimum 750 words (Follow the Guidelines)

Need minimum 3 APA References

Attaching previously written Outline and Annotated Bibliography.

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