1. Technology plays a big part in todays world by helping business make smart business decisions. These decisions can range from looking at your staff development to looking at expanding your businesses in a new county. Technology helps track your staff production by allowing you to easily collect data and use that information to see if your team is working efficiently. During this collection period you can see if you have the right amount of staff to handle to the current workload by doing a time study then work with your workforce team so see prior years data and what is being forecasted. Before doing this with my team we were told we were overstaffed by 2 employees and we would need to lay them off, however I noticed that our volume was increasing so I asked to work with our workforce team so get an updated forecast and we discovered we had a 40% monthly increase then what we originally expected. Thankfully because we have the technology to review and predict workloads we were able to make sure our team was staffed correctly and did not have to get behind and miss our teams SLA’s. We did not have these tools when I first started on this team so we had to make our business decisions based on prior year and hope we did not have a huge increase and if it did our back up plan was to hire temps to get us through the busy time, it was not a cost efficient way to keep up with our work but at the time we had no other way to know if our when we would get an increase in our workload.         

2. information technology has taken competitive competition and turned it on it’s head. Today almost every capable human being has a smart phone. Essentially this phone is full of your information and data about you based on the apps you own. Information or data is worth more than gold. Once data is extracted, metrics are analyzed to find out patterns and insights which can be used to bring in changes and exploit the opportunities available to benefit a business (2019, September 17).

The wars of today and of the past have to a certain extent been won by those who had the most information and knew how to act on it. Cyber attacks are constantly evolving requiring businesses to be proactive in deploying solutions (n.d). Not only businesses, but governments need to have multiple layers of cyber security due to the high amount of cyber attacks that occur globally. Ransomware is one of the worst due to it’s ability to lock users and admin out their servers.

As a victim of cyber fraud, I have first hand experience with how necessary it is to have strong passwords, being careful with openings links or going to specific websites and providing any information by call or text. A click of a button could have millions of dollars in your bank disappear in seconds. I mean sure they can transfer and find the fake profile but by that time the benefits is gone. 

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