1. What is the main reason why so many people the United States lack access to health care? (p. 334) 

2. What is Medicare? What Medicaid? (p335 )

 3. What is the troubling contradiction in the U.S. health care system ? (p. 335)

 4. In 2016 which country spent more money on health care per capita than any other? ( p. 335) 

5. In 2015 which of these countries had the highest average life expectancy : Canada, the United Kingdom , Japan , or the United States? (p 335)

 6. What is managed care? (p. 336) 

7. Name three of the Affordable Care Act’s major provisions . (pp 336-337 )

 8. What kind of health care system does the United States have ? What are its main features? Is it a system of socialized medicine ? How does it differ from the health care system in the United Kingdom ? (p . 337 )

 9. What is distributive justice ? (p, 338) 

10. What are the chief characteristics of libertarian theories of justice ? Of egalitarian theories of justice ? ( pp. 338-339)

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