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CHMA10H3 Notebook Report 5 Experiment 5: Recrystallization Name:____________________ PRA______ Date _____ Purpose: Theory: *Include a brief paragraph with relevant theory from your readings. Physical & Chemical Properties/Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Table MSDS Name of the Chemicals Used in the Experiment Physical and Chemical Properties Hazards Idnetification Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) Symbols (if any) Handling and Storage First-Aid Measures Salicylic acid Pre-Lab Questions: 1. Why is it impossible get 100% yield of the solid after recrystallization? 2. If you got 150% for your percent yield, what does it mean? 3. Why is it important to cool the hot saturate solution gradually? 4. What are some techniques that can be used to induce crystallization? 1 CHMA10H3 Notebook Report 5 Procedure 

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