There are two term papers, each of which will count 8 points toward your final grade.  The first term paper will be due on Oct 15 while the second term paper will be due on Nov 19.  Papers received after the due dates will lose one point for each class day late.  While the paper will be graded based on its contents, the paper should be at least two to three pages and contain footnotes to sources used. 


1.            A 28 year old individual determines that they need a $500,000 life insurance policy, would like a savings component of the same, and be able to retire at age 67.  Should the individual choose a whole life or term policy?  Describe the key features of both policies and why and how you reached your conclusion.

2.            The SECURE Act recently increased the RMD (Required Minimal Distribution) age from 70.5 to 72.  What, if any, impact is there for the government and individuals and in your opinion is the Act favorable.

3.            There has been recent talk of providing Medicare to all.  In short, describe Medicare, the cost to the individual and government, and in your opinion is Medicare for all a good idea.

4.            If an individual is concerned about a prolonged period of stagflation and determined they needed a life insurance policy that provided a savings element, which type of life insurance policy should they consider buying: whole life, variable life or universal life?

5.            What impact, if any, do you think the Corona Virus had or will have on Social Security?

6.            You project a moderate rise in the stock market over the next several years.  If you are interested in buying a cash value life insurance policy would you invest in a whole life, variable or universal policy?  Why?

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