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Jocelyn lets her dog out during the day. She doesn’t tie him up. He wanders over to Sawyer’s yard and digs up his plants. Sawyer warns Jocelyn that if she doesn’t tie her dog up, there will be consequences. Jocelyn ignores Sawyer’s warning, and doesn’t tie up the dog. Can Sawyer file a lawsuit against Jocelyn for trespass?Group of answer choicesYes, because the dog, which is under Jocelyn’s control, entered Sawyer’s property and caused damage

No, because Jocelyn’s dog doesn’t know any better

No, because Sawyer can’t prove the dog is what caused the damage

No, Sawyer must sue the dog

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Which of the following best describes intentional infliction of emotional distress?Group of answer choicesAny unexcused and intentional act that causes another person to be apprehensive of immediate harm

An assault resulting in physical contact

An intentional act that amounts to extreme and outrageous conduct resulting in severe emotional distress to another

The filing of a lawsuit without legitimate grounds and with malice or the use of a legal process in an improper manner

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Which of the following best describes Compensatory Damages?Group of answer choicesCompensatory Damages are intended to punish the wrongdoer and deter others from similar wrongdoings.

Compensatory Damages are appropriate only when the defendant s conduct was particularly egregious or reprehensible.

Compensatory Damages are intended to compensate or reimburse a plaintiff for actual losses.

Compensatory Damages are a privilege or immunity a person may have, that will not allow them to be liable for defamatory statements.

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Two sororities challenge each other to a game of broomballthrough their school’s intramural sports program. During the game, Erin falls, breaks her leg, and sues the intramural sports program for negligence. What is the the program’s best defense against negligence?Group of answer choicesSuperseding Cause

Contributory Negligence

Assumption of Risk

Comparative Negligence

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Landowners are required to provide reasonable care for tenants in which of the following areas?Group of answer choicesBedrooms



A shared laundry room

Sam broke into Joe’s house at nighttime and tried to steal Joe’s wallet and smart phone, but he got caught. Sam had the intent to commit a felony when he broke into the house. What crime did Sam commit?Group of answer choicesLarceny




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Generally, how often is voluntary intoxication a successful defense?Group of answer choices”Always, intoxication invalidates any actions”

” Usually, if the judge is in a good mood”


” Rarely, unless it negates the key mens rea element of a crime”

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Which of the following best describes an Indictment?Group of answer choicesAn informal criminal complaint

A written document issued by the grand jury to charge a defendant with a crime

When the defendant is brought before the court and informed of the charges

When the prosecutor presents the evidence

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What criminal defense is designed to prevent police officers or other government agents from enticing persons to commit crimes in order to later prosecute them for criminal acts?Group of answer choicesStatue of limitations


Plea bargaining

Miranda rule

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Which of the following best describes the crime of robbery?Group of answer choicesBreaking and entering the dwelling of another at night with the intent to commit a felony.

The taking of money, personal property, or any other article of value from a person by means of force and fear.

The willful and malicious burning of a building owned by another.

The fraudulent making or altering of any writing in a way that changes the legal rights and liabilities of another.

Which of the following is a mark or term that has nothing to do with the product?Group of answer choicesStrong Mark

Arbitrary Mark

Suggestive Mark

Generic Term

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What is the the duration of a patent?Group of answer choicesUnlimited


2 Months

20 Years

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Which of the following is not eligible for a copyright?Group of answer choicesNews

 A movie

Piece of music


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Which of the following would not be considered a generic term if used to describe a personal computing device?Group of answer choicesiPad




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What did the TRIPS agreement establish?Group of answer choicesThe first ever protection of software programs

Standards for the international protection of intellectual property rights

The idea that peer-to-peer networking was great for the U.S. economy

The remedies for illegal spreading of trade secrets

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