Interactive Plots of Worldwide CO2 Data Analysis


Analysis of Interactive Plots of Worldwide CO2 Data Geoscientists use data to understand how the Earth System works. Science is based on real data from which hypotheses are formulated. Understanding and interpreting the data is a skill that all scientists learn as they first, advance their education, and, second, as they conduct their research. In this exercise, you are going to look at the data as an informed citizen and explain what the data display is attempting to convey. All data must be digested in pieces. This exercise will help you break down the data presented so that you can understand it. THIS LAB EXERCISE WILL BE GRADED ON ACCURACY, SENTENCE STRUCTURE, SPELLING, GRAMMAR, AND CONTENT. DO YOUR BEST WORK. 1. Open the Analysis of Interactive Plots of Worldwide CO2 video from NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)

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