1 seq NL_a \r 0 \h . What is workforce reduction? How does it affect employees, consumers, and the local community? What steps should a company take to address these effects?

2 seq NL_a \r 0 \h . Describe the differences between workplace diversity and equal employment opportunity. How do these differences affect managerial responsibilities and the development of social responsibility programs?

3 seq NL_a \r 0 \h . Why it is important to understand the profiles of different generations at work? How can managers use the ACORN principles to develop a strong sense of community and solidarity among all employee groups?

Chapter 8:

1 seq NL_a \r 0 \h . List and describe the consumer rights that have become social expectations of business. Why have some of these rights been formalized through legislation? Should these rights be considered ethical standards?

2 seq NL_a \r 0 \h . What is the purpose of a boycott? Describe the characteristics of companies and consumers that are likely to be involved in a boycott situation. What circum​stances would cause you to consider participating in a boycott?

3 seq NL_a \r 0 \h . Define community as a business stakeholder. Is it better to define community in a narrow or broad fashion? Explain.

Chapter 9:

1. seq NL_a \r 0 \h How have changes in the business environment contributed to the growing trend in strategic philanthropy?

2. seq NL_a \r 0 \h seq NL_a \r 0 \h Compare cause-related marketing with strategic philanthropy. What are the unique benefits of each approach?

3. seq NL_a \r 0 \h seq NL_a \r 0 \h Describe the four-stage process for planning and implementing strategic philanthropy.

Chapter 10

Develop a list of five criteria that describes your employer of choice. Then visit the websites of three companies in which you have some employment interest. Peruse each firm’s website to find evidence on how it fulfills your criteria. On the basis of this evidence, develop a chart to show how well each firm meets your description and criteria of your employer of choice. Finally, provide three recommendations on how these companies can better communicate their commitment to employees and the employer-of-choice criteria.

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