Final Presentation – Interpersonal Communication, Managing Conflict, and Listening

We have conflict all around us. Refer to the concepts in Looking Out Looking In (LOLI) and Becoming a Critical Thinker (BCT).  For this assignment, you will take the social issue you wrote about last week and turn it into an 11 slide PowerPoint Presentation.

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Running Head: CAPSTONE PROJECT 1 General Capstone Tyrell Bryant Introduction CAPSTONE PROJECT 2 The idea behind interpersonal conflict entails a series of connections, associations, and affiliations between different people. These conflicts are experienced in various degrees and their duration. Depending on the relationship of the two conflicting parties, these conflicts would take a varying period. Generally, the idea behind interpersonal relationships entails how different individuals relate and carry out their activities. Moreover, the concepts of these relationships would vary depending on the family relationships, friendship, marriage of kinship ties. Interpersonal relationships would also effectively affect the administration of various jurisdictions in the local areas. Generally, this type of relationship

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