nterview (100 pts) Students will complete an interview. Students may interview one of the following  individuals  :

  1. a child or adult with learning  disabilities,
  2. a parent of a child with learning  disabilities,
  3. a teacher of students with learning disabilities, or
  4. a professional providing specialized services to individuals with learning disabilities (e.g., speech therapist,  vocational  counselor, college disabilities services provider).

The purpose of the interview is to determine

  1. how learning disabilities, not physical handicaps, effect individuals within their job or school setting,
  2. how learning disabilities manifest themselves in social, family, and recreational settings,
  3. and how to best support people with disabilities across these settings.

Students will prepare a written summary of the interview. Actual interview questions are to be submitted on the class meeting before the interview date.

Written summaries of interviews conducted with an alternate focus will not be accepted (i.e. interviews with individuals, professionals, or family members of persons with other types of disabilities), and student will receive no credit for the assignment.


  • Minimum 10 open-ended questions.
  • Bio of the person who was interviewed.
  • Written response to each question asked. 

(Can be in your own words, quotes from the interviewee is encouraged!)

  • 500 word personal reflection to the interview.
  • Must be typed, Times New Roman
  • Correct Spelling and complete sentences is required!

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