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  • Explain why Quality Assurance (QA) is important throughout the life of a project.
  • Describe some key team characteristics that define a project team. Evaluate a situation when you have been selected as a team member and explain your experience characteristics in supporting the team.
  • PARt B
  • video: One World Trade Center: Engineering an Icon (approx. 8 minutes long – opens in a new window). As you view this video, consider the Executing/Implementation strategies necessary to complete the project, and answer the following prompts in a Word essay of at least 250 words: – Identify the process elements associated with each of these aspects of the project: o Directing/managing o Quality Assurance o Team management o Project communication – Explain what factors were identified that could have had a direct effect on the project with regards to it being on time, on task, and on budget,
  • PART C
  • Directing/managing the tasks associated with a project is an integral function of a Project Manager. Consider a project you have been a part of, whether personal or professional, and in your own words:
    • Compare and contrast the experience you had to the strategies that you learned about this week.
    • In your own words, explain what functions/processes could have been implemented to make the project run smoother.
    Note that your reflection should be 150 words or more.

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