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T. Colclough Intro to logic: Fall 2021 Week 5 Assignment 5 Write your answers to each question on paper (I’d use a pencil). You do not need to copy out the questions themselves, just write (for example): (1)(a) [your answer]. Take a photo/scan your documents, and upload them into Canvas. You must upload your answers by Friday, November 5th, 5pm Irvine time. Make your answers legible, and clearly indicate the question/part of the question you are answering. You must submit your own work. Include your name and ID number at the top of each page. You may refer to your notes. The assignment is worth 40 points. (1) (4 pts each): Find a conjunctive normal form and a disjunctive normal form for each of the following. (a) ϕ → (ψ → χ). (b) (ϕ → ψ) → χ. (c) ¬ϕ → (ϕ → ψ). (2) Let ϕ have a conjunctive normal form ϕ∧ = ^ ^ _ _ ϕij . i≤n j≤mi Let ϕ have

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