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MAT 205 Fall 2021 LRA 9 3. Use the quadratic formula to solve. 3×2 -2x – 1 = 0 Give your answer in fraction form. SHOW YOUR WORK. name date 1. The functions f, g, and h are defined as follows: f(x) = -4x + 7 g(x) = -3×2 – 2 h(x) = 5×3 + 6 a. Find f(2). 4. Use the graph of the parabola to fill in the answers. b. Find g(-3) a. Does the parabola open upward or downward? 10 C. Find h(-1) b. Find the x-intercepts c. Find the y-intercept 2. Use the function f(x) = 2×2

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