Need an argumentative essay on Watch the movie Invisible War of author Kirby Dick. Summary the story in the movie, and talk about your opinion, feeling or action of yourself about problem in the movie if you are a victim like the person in the movie. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.The consequences of sexual assault recounted by the featured victims are equally sickening. This is because no action was taken by the relevant officials after the rape survivors formally reported the distressing incidents. Instead of being accorded the necessary help for physical and psychological recovery,the formers soldiers indicate in the film that, the senior officials took their reports lightly and no action was taken against perpetrators.The interviewed victims of sexual assault emphasize that the authorities not only failed to believe them, but they were subjected to even more trauma after being accused of committing adultery with their rapists or making false reports. In some cases, the violence instigators cannot be brought to book, for purported lack of evidence. The victims also report of the situation being made worse by the fact that, the military deals with issues of sexual assault internally and one cannot take legal action against military institutions after leaving officially. Some even speak of experiencing retribution for reporting abuse, including destroyed careers and denial of veteran benefits. As a result, the victims are forced to suffer in silence, as they deal with the shame and stigma of being raped by a work colleague, as well as, the feeling of being abandoned and shunned by an institution whose values they believed in.Kirby’s documentary is undoubtedly an important eye opener to the ill acts suffered by both women and men in the American military service. The film shows how victims of sexual assault are denied justice and expected to continue working side by side with their rapists. The psychological trauma brought about by these malicious acts is, therefore, made worse by failure of the relevant authorities to take action. In my opinion, people serving in the military deserve protection by the law as well as justice when illegal acts are

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