Iran Contra and US Intervention in Nicaragua Paper


Part 1 – Due Nov 7 by 5pm

Please submit a paragraph indicating who your interview is going to be with and what you anticipate the topic to be.  For instance:

“The topic and research part of my paper will about the evolution of gender policy in the armed forces particularly in regards to the LGBTQ community.  To speak with firsthand knowledge about the topic I will be talking to my friend who is gay and served in the military for four years.”

Also, include a few sentences on which examples you read that stood out the most to you and why? 

That’s all you need for this part of the assignment.  When you do the interview, you can ask questions that are beyond the scope of the topic and more general, i.e., “what was it like growing up knowing you were gay?” Or, “what made you decide to join the military?”, etc., meaning, not every question has to specifically address your main issue.  Let your reader get a sense of who the person is in a more complete way.  

Part 2 – Due Nov 20 by 5pm 

Historians gather information in a variety of ways including through firsthand accounts from primary sources, such as in an interview.  Think of someone you believe has an interesting story to tell. You may interview anyone about anything they have personal firsthand knowledge of.  Structurally, for our purposes, your first two or three pages should include research about the topic, and the rest should be your word-for-word recorded exchange with whomever you decided to interview.  Keep in mind the research topic is separate from your interview.  In other words, your research topic is not “my uncle’s experience as a small business owner”.  That would be your interview.  The research topic might be something like “small business owners trying to compete in a corporate Amazon/Walmart world” or “the mechanics and challenges of starting your own small business”, etc.  Think of it first as if there was no interview — what then would your two or three-page research paper be about?  Your interview can then be about the person who relates to your top

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