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Ex .5 Spectrophotometric Analysis of a Commercial Aspirin Tablet A) Standard solution and Beers law calibration curve 1-Fill in the following table : M1 x V 1 = M2 x V 2 M1= molarity of salicylic acid (SA) Volume of SA=V1 V2= the total volume of dilute solution =10mL M2=molarity of dilute solution (u have to find) and write in table below Solution SA. 1 (V1=1.0) SA .2 (V1=3.0) SA.3 (V1=6.5) SA .4 (V1=9.0) ASA of unknown Absorbance(A) 0.159 0.356 0.589 0.879 0.641 Concentration /M ( find from calibration curve) 2- Plot a graph (or calibration curve) of Absorbance vs. conc by using the values from the table B) Analysis of unknown aspirin tablet 1. Mass of aspirin tablet =0.1205g 2. Concentration of ASA unknown from calibration curve =………………….. mol / L 3. Conc of Stock ASA unknown = 25 ml / 1.5 ml ( D.F ) x Conc. of ASA unknown(step 2)

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