Irvine Art History Multiple Choice Questions

 upper right corner Chicago style bibliography Chicago style footnotes Excellent spelling and grammar No copy/paste plagiarism. Be certain to put all information into your own words, then cite every source with a footnote. QUESTION: HOW DO I HANDLE QUOTES? Direct quotes: Word for word from the source, and clearly indicated by quotation marks may not be more than 10% of your paper Indirect quotes: Information that you learned from a source and rewrote into your own words must alsp be clearly identified with a footnote reference at the end of every sentence. Artist Inspirations (use any of these, if you wish!): Elisabeth Vigee Le Brun Jacques Louis David Michelangelo Georgia O’ Keeffe Bernini Jean-Michel Basquiat Caravaggio Sofonisba Anguissola Picasso Jackson Pollock Vincent van Gogh Mary Cassatt Kerry James Marshall Tamara De Lempicka Leonardo da Vinci Artemesia Gentileschi Edgar Degas Takashi Murakami Marcel Duchamp Andy Warhol Claude Monet Mariko Mori Raphael Henri Matisse Diego Rivera Jacob Lawrence Yoshitomo Nara Frida Kahlo Jeff Koons Hiroshi Sugimoto Gustav Klimt Francisco Goya Augusta Savage J.M.W. Turner Akira Toriyama Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec Albrecht Durer

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