2. Prompt: Pick one piece of media that we have not discussed in class. This can be a film, a TV show, a videogame, an internet phenomenon, music video, or any other kind of media. Pick something that interests you; this will help you maintain energy and curiosity as you write.

3. In addition to picking a media object, pick three different theoretical frameworks that we have learned about in class. A theoretical framework is a way of thinking about a piece of media, encouraging us to focus on different elements of media or interpret media in different ways. Each week of our class has been structured around a different framework, so you can choose to pick either three weekly course topics or three individual readings from our course as your frameworks.

4. Once you have picked your media and your frameworks, write an essay that briefly describes your media object and then focuses on demonstrating three different ways of interpreting it, using your three frameworks. The more specific and detail-oriented you can be, the better. Your goal is to present a detailed analysis of the media object (drawing from specific scenes, images, shots, dialog lines, etc.) that clearly illustrates how the concepts from our course can be used to interpret it in a variety of ways. 

5. Remember, there are no right or wrong answers for this essay. It is about how you choose to interpret this media object using the frameworks from our course. Some of your interpretations may be contradictory. That is ok. Be creative. The point is to practice using theory to gain new perspectives.

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FMS 110 winter 2021 – “Media & the Body” Professor Bo Ruberg, Film & Media Studies Grading Rubric for Final Essay This rubric is being provided to you to assist you in working on your final essay. Please keep the following criteria and expectations for your essay in mind. Note this is a “holistic” rubric, which is based on your overall success in meeting the requirements and goals of the essay, rather than on points. Basic requirements: – Essay has been turned in on time (or received an official extension) Essay is the correct length (2,000 – 3,000 words) Essay is styled correctly. It is written in full paragraphs and uses Chicago style citations. Essay is proofread and writing is grammatically correct. Grammatical errors and typos are limited. Essay components: – Essay has an introductory paragraph that overviews the contents and main

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